Producer / Rapper TOPE is considered one of the top up and coming artists in the Northwest region and has been recently featured on XXL, The Source, 2DopeBoyz, Okayplayer, Jay-Z's Life + Times, Hip Hop Wired, Hip Hop DX, and more for his album latest BROKE BOY SYNDROME. Since his debut album in 2010, TOPE has produced and/or collaborated with artists including Slum Village, Blu, Planet Asia, TiRon, Myka 9, Abstract Rude, Scarub of Living Legends, LMNO, and many more. With a commanding stage presence and energetic live show, TOPE has shared stages with hip hop legends including Nas, Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli, Run The Jewels, Deltron 3030, Big KRIT, Dom Kennedy, Black Milk, Mac Miller, Ty Dolla $ign, Digable Planets, Hieroglyphics, Aesop Rock, The Coup, People Under The Stairs, Macklemore and countless others. In early 2014 TOPE also gained attention from Soul icon Erykah Badu herself for his TAKE YOUR TIME music video.

Recently, TOPE has relocated to the Bay Area and briefly toured with Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious.



If you were to only listen to the chatter online and in the newspapers and magazines of the world, you’d likely think that the only music being made in Portland, Oregon was lovelorn folk and literate indie rock. But scratch below that surface, and you’ll find a strong, vibrant underground hip-hop scene that dominates the stages and eardrums of the city for decades. The Portland rap game couldn’t stay below street level forever. Word is starting to spread about the talent the Rose City boasts, and one of the names that keeps popping up on people’s lips is a rapper known simply as TOPE

A good deal of that attention is due to the respect that TOPE has earned for the years he’s committed to the scene. Starting in his teens, he’s been a fixture at local hip-hop showcases and freestyle cyphers. He eventually started a pair of groups, Living Proof (with Seattle-based rapper Prem) and the well-respected crew TxE with Epp and Calvin Valentine (aka G_Force).  As any restless and talented artist would, TOPE has been stepping out on his own, releasing solo albums that have only burnished his talent even brighter. 2012's Until The Next Time We Meet was a bold step forward, but he's evolved in leaps and bounds on 2013's Trouble Man and again on the latest project, BROKE BOY SYNDROME. 

As a one man machine; booking his own tours, designing his own merchandise, writing, recording, and producing his own music, plus more - TOPE has worked his way up to being one of the most respected independent artists in the NW plus an up and coming rapper nationally with a recent move to California and attention from major press outlets building with each release. With multiple projects already under his belt, TOPE most recently released a 7 track EP titled SOME THINGS GOTTA CHANGE.